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Earl Wild: Compositions and Transcriptions


Earl Wild: Compositions and Transcriptions Earl Wild: Compositions and Transcriptions

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Ivory Classics CD-79003

Earl Wild: Compositions and Transcriptions

Earl Wild (1915-):

Variations on a Theme by Stephen Foster for Piano and Orchestra "Doo-Dah Variations"

Earl Wild (1915-):

Sonata (2000)

Earl Wild (1915-):

Improvisation: Theme and Variations on "Someone To Watch Over Me"

Earl Wild (1915-):

Hector Berlioz / Earl Wild

Piano: Earl Wild

Orchestra: Des Moines Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Joseph Giunta

Orchestra: NBC Radio Orchestra

Producer: Michael Rolland Davis

Engineer: Ed Thompson

Pianos: Baldwin (tracks 1-29+31), Steinway (30)

Original and Remastering Producer: Michael Rolland Davis
Original and Remastering Engineer: Ed Thompson

Liner Notes: James E. Frazier

Design: Samskara, Inc.

Earl Wild's renown as a concert pianist has eclipsed his equal success as a composer and conductor. Like Liszt and Rachmaninoff, he is a master not of the one discipline only, but of all three. And the magnitude of his work as a composer of original works, such as his 1962 Easter oratorio Revelations and his two full-length ballets (1934 and 1936), not to mention the many orchestral works he composed for documentaries on the ABC radio network during the 1950s and 1960s, has tended also to eclipse his vast work as a dazzling transcriber for the piano. Indeed, it is only now being acknowledged that he is "the finest transcriber of our time".


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